Zhuhai first successful application of new type of laryngeal mask intubation anesthesia

by:Honde     2020-06-05

a 56-year-old Mr Ling on the 17th of this month because of the lumbar spine fractures in city 2 yuan Yang lake campus surgery, as Mr Ling must adopt prone position, which bring great difficulty in conventional intubation anesthesia. To this end, the hospital orthopedic and using new laryngeal mask in anesthesia intubation anesthesia, successful implementation of an operation.

according to Yang, director of the lake campus anesthesiology Yun benevolence formulae, laryngeal mask is a kind of new ventilation instruments between masks and tracheal intubation, it relies on ventilation tube front end with a long flat concave sleeves made of silicone rubber capsule to achieve ventilation. Compared with endotracheal intubation, laryngeal mask catheter does not directly stimulate the glottis and airway mucosa, can effectively maintain airway patency, and has simple operation, easy placement, the advantages of less injury, good patient tolerance, is the breakthrough of clinical anesthesia ventilation management.

, from 1983 to 1997 produce laryngeal mask intubation, double again to 2000 type tube laryngeal mask, laryngeal mask has experienced three generations of major improvements. But due to the inventor of the laryngeal mask is according to western body throat glue after the formation of the model is created, does not conform to the Chinese physiological anatomy to the back of the throat, can't completely close to patients with throat wall, affect the clinical anesthesia. Therefore, our country Taiwan university hospital of traditional Chinese medicine professor bih-chern Lin according to the east of anesthesiologists throat short and narrow anatomical structure, a new type of OPLAC laryngeal mask, when using a laryngeal mask and throat wall mucous membrane is more close to, so as to enhance the conurbation, effectively guarantee the ventilation management of anesthesia surgery.

surgery on the same day, professor bih-chern Lin invited to Yang lake campus 'OPLAC laryngeal mask in the clinical application of' training.

on the same day, the school also for the other two patients with laparoscopic gallbladder surgery and a broken collarbone applied the new technology of laryngeal mask anesthesia intubation.

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