Will The Stethoscope App Replace The Classic Device

by:Honde     2020-07-17

One of the most important medical devices used by medical professionals is the stethoscope. This instrument is the primary diagnostic tool used by doctors. With a stethoscope, they are able to determine if something is wrong with their patient by just listening to the sounds of their patient's body. They use this medical device to listen to the heart beat, breathing as well as the sound of the stomach. This is the main reason why almost all doctors demand nothing but the best stethoscopes like the Littmann Master Classic II Stethoscope or the Littmann Classic II SE. However, there is a new innovation in medical technology called the Stethoscope App.

Using an Apple iPhone, doctors can listen to the heartbeat of their patients without using a traditional unit. Here are a couple of highlights about this application:

Uses the Accurate Microphone Of The iPhone

The iPhone has a very accurate microphone. If you press it against your skin, it can easily detect the heartbeat. The said special app then amplifies the signal before passing it through a special algorithm that is used to analyze the signal. This is one of the best applications available for the iPhone. It perfectly takes advantage of the capabilities of the smartphone for medical use. It is no wonder that this app has over 3 million downloads to date.

More Accurate Heart Rate Count

With this particular application, the heart rate of a patient can be recorded more accurately. This is because it automatically graphs the heart beat and displays it on the iPhone's screen. Because of this, medical professionals can use this data to diagnose their patients accurately. It also helps them double check their initial testing using traditional stethoscopes.

Makes For More Efficient Consultations

Prior to the invention of such program, medical practitioners need to record the heart beat to a sound recorder and send the file to other colleagues for consultation. This took too much time and effort. However, with this application, they can just send it to other doctors to consult directly from their iPhones. This cuts down the consultation process and led to faster treatments for their patients.

Not a Replacement for Traditional Stethoscopes

Doctors should use the Stethoscope App side by side with traditional stethoscopes. The software still has many limitations and there are many things that only traditional stethoscopes can do. This is the main reason why it is really highly recommended that doctors still stick with traditional stethoscopes and just use the Stethoscope App when they actually need it or if there is a specific application in mind. They should work together not replace one over the other.

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