What You Need to Know About Sonography as a Career Choice?

by:Honde     2020-07-23

An ultrasound examination specialist goes by many titles with sonographer being one of the most typical. They are also known as diagnostic medical sonographers or medical sonographers. As their titles indicate, the primary responsibility of a sonographer is to record images of a persons body and report the findings to the physician.

The number of sonography students entering the work force is on the rise today because those seeking a new career have learned that this career is rife with benefits. Some of these being a high job placement rate upon graduation, obtaining steady work hours and finally, being very well paid.

The population in general however does not really know much about the profession. If considering sonography as your profession, then here are a few pieces of information that you need to know.

The technician earns the name ultrasound tech or sonographer because of the technology that they use in their daily work. The device works similarly to sonar. It emits high frequency sound waves into the patient' body, and is bounced back to the machinery. Pictures of different colors are produced based on the density of the tissues. These images are studied by the technician and a diagnosis is established. The images are then given to the physician with recommendations.

This process known as ultrasonography, is used in many areas of health care. The most typical being in the care of pregnant women, where sonographers use sonograms to study the fetus. Ultrasound experts are also employed in other areas where doctors need a non-invasive exam performed.

Defining the primary responsibilities of a sonographer is relatively easy. They are the professionals accountable for obtaining images of a patient' body parts using ultrasound technology.

They do this by guiding the ultrasound examination towards the area of interest to the doctor, adjusting the equipment in order to get the best pictures possible and then capturing those images. After the images are printed out, they are reviewed by the sonographer (as stated earlier) and then handed over to the patient' doctor.

The requirements for becoming licensed to work as a sonographer, largely depends on the state if which you wish to work. Some states require a sonographer to be licensed, while others do not.

Additionally, as a sonographer looking for gainful employment in The United States or Canada, it is advisable to be registered by the governing bodies of the profession. In America it is the CAAHEP and in Canada it is the CARDUP. Both have active websites where potential sonographers can obtain the necessary information for membership.

Without this registration, a new sonographer will have a very difficult time in obtaining respectable employment in the field.

Secondly, those who are not registered sonographers with current credentials, are more often than not paid considerably lower wages than those who have the necessary credentials.

The wages available to sonographers are quite respectable for newcomers with a 2 year degree and better for those with a 4 year Bachelor's degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography. Those with a specialization, such as Vascular earn even more.

In general, the higher the experience level and the more in-demand the specialization, the more that they can anticipate to earn. The normal wage as of 2012 is between $55,000-67,000. This varies depending not only on specialty, but also the geographic location and the type of employer.

There are a number of resources for learning more about the profession as well as what and where the jobs are; one of which is Ultrasound technician schools HQ. It boasts that it is the one resource listing ONLY accredited programs for Ultrasound technician training.

In any case, this is a good time to be entering the field as a sonographer. Please do your research carefully, and take the appropriate steps to launch your new career in sonography. You won't regret it.

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