What Should You Note on Wearing High Heels?

by:Honde     2020-07-25

High heels clothing options than just an external, high-heeled shoes have its own language, culture itself is a high-heeled shoes. But you must note the disadvantages of high heels.

High heels and waist pain

Wearing such high heels, the body weight significantly change the power cord, pelvis forward, waist their heads off. Over degree of contraction of the waist extension so tight back muscles, lumbar facet joint and the joint capsule tense, long-term effect, the joint capsule and back muscle strain that occurs, causing low back pain.

Waist hip pain often toward the evening light weight, tired after days of overcast when the symptoms intensified, to sit a long time and seems to be off the waist, hands pounding may have improved. Symptoms after a period of time can be reduced or even disappear, but often another attack is difficult to recover. All these are the performance of lumbar muscle strain.

The consequences of lumbar muscle strain, so that the most weight, the largest volume of activities will suffer the most under-lumbar spine, can accelerate bone hyperplasia, and decreased elasticity of the ligaments early appearance of degenerative changes, or extent of the increase, a lumbar disc hernia ion, is lumbar spinal stenos. Of course, wearing high heels, legs are not effective, standing, walking cannot be arbitrary, the whole body response, collaborative capacity decreased, but also prone to lumbar sprain. When a sprained muscle, ligament tear occurred in different degree and trace bleeding, bruising, swelling and congestion that may be manifestations of acute low back pain, low back pain may also add to the original symptoms.

In addition, high heels, the body center of gravity forward, toe weight increases, the hard will be roughly square foot full squeeze in front of the narrow tapered toe, so that tortured feet, easy to induced hammer toes, metatarsal head and other diseases, these diseases in addition to causing foot pain, numbness and discomfort feeling, but also by reflex mechanisms involved in the waist, causing low back pain.

From a solid foot, comfort and maintenance of the physiological needs of the arch, it is recommended you want, high heels, low back pain patients not to wear high heels. In addition to the general social, ceremonial and other special occasions to wear high heels, but usually still wear normal shoes or shoes for good, not higher than 3 cm heels, soles were sloping appropriate.

Long-term wearing high heels will make your backbone out of shape

Fashion, women are like to wear high heels, as high heels can increase a person's height, and the body appears thin, beautiful. But is detrimental to the health of women, especially young girls for puberty stage more harm than good. As the body is in a growth stage, bone structure, cartilage components are softer and flexible, more malleable; bone tissue contains water and organic compounds, and inorganic salts less.

Easily deformed, can lead to premature wear high heels morphological changes of lumbar, whole body center of gravity must move on the soles of the feet, and toes in the shoe will squeeze the tip of the pelvic load increases, because the pelvis on both sides were forced to the shrink, and stretch the muscle nerve, the occurrence of backache leg pain.

In order to balance the center of gravity, the body needs to lean forward, back, would slightly bend. Also need to highlight a little hip, knee joint passive stiffness, pelvis and feet can cause long-term deformation and bending.

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