What is a Toy

by:Honde     2020-07-22

Toys are tangible products that are use to amuse, grow creativity and also educate children and are a big part of their childhood. Toys are not limited to children by can also be enjoyed by parents and grown ups. The word toy would bring a bundle of joy in a child's life as toys are given to them to stop them from crying, to keep them busy, to get them thinking, to reward them when they are good and much more. So children automatically anchor the thought of toys to happiness and fun.

The toy category is massive as there are millions of different toys available for different stages of a child's life as well as for different times of the day and year. Right from the time a baby is born, they use toys as pacifiers - for example the rotating clinky toy on top of their crib while they fall asleep or even a little chewy toy to play with. As they grow older they are exposed to a bigger variety of toys that tickles the different parts of their brain such as creativity, dexterity, hand-eye coordination etc.

The standard of toys that kids this generation are exposed to are a lot higher that a decade ago, and kids are able to start gaining skills at a very young age. Most toys allow the child to gain some form of knowledge / skill, so choosing the most appropriate toy for our kids is important.

There is a toy available to enhance every activity a child does from going to sleep, bathing, brushing, getting dressed, playing, eating and more. Bath toys are parents' gift to get kids to learn the importance of self hygiene by making bath time enjoyable. Then there are pretend toys which are used to create positive anchors during kids growth, such as a doctor's kit with a stethoscope, needle, band aids etc. that can play with and understand that a trip to the doctor's make then feel better and their fear from needles and other products are reduced.

Daddy's favourite toy would be the kids tool box with a miniature of all the tools that he uses on a Sunday to fix things around the house. Kids follow him with their toy tool and have a go at understanding what each tool does and how it fixes things.

The popular toys are the ones made after kids' favourite Cartoons and movies, like the Toys Story range of toys, Barbie, Ben 10, Thomas the tank engine, Dora etc.

Toys are great products that teach kids different skills at different stages of their lives while making the process fun and memorable!

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