What Is A Galileo Thermometer?

by:Honde     2020-03-30
If you are looking for an extremely modern looking and decorative type of thermometer, then what you need is a Galileo thermometer or sometimes called Galileo or galilei thermometer. This device comes in very attractive colors which make it even more pleasing to look at. The tool got it's name from a famous astronomer, inventor and scientist - Galileo Galilie. The device's body is comprised of a long thin and narrow tube with water and small colorful balls inside. The balls are not just for the aesthetical value but the balls are used to determine the temperature for each of them have different densities and size. Each of these balls have their own counter weight which is in a form of metal and is usually attached on the bottom. This metal counter weight is the one responsible in making changes in the overall density. Once the device detects a change in temperature, changes the density of the water inside. So what will happen is - the colorful balls having high densities will sink while the balls with low densities will float. To give you an example of how to read the temperature using the Galileo thermometer, given that the device has four balls inside and these balls are known to have the following information: Pink Ball - 60 degrees Red Ball - 65 degrees Orange Ball - 70 degrees Violet Ball - 75 degrees If the temperature detected is 67 degrees, then the pink and red ball will go down to the bottom because they have low densities and the orange and violet ball will float. To read it, the temperature will then be between 65 - 70 degrees. The only down side in using this device is that it only gives you an estimate as to what the temperature is. You will be comparing this to the other thermometers who can give you the exact temperature in just minutes. But honestly, the estimate given by this device is more than enough for you to gauge if the surrounding is warm or not. Most people use this device as a decorative item inside the house. This is usually placed inside the bedroom or sometimes in the living room where your guests can easily see it. An innovation to this kind of device is the floating type. This model was introduced just recently in the market and sold like pancakes because you cannot really resist the attractiveness it gives and how nice it would look like in your home. It can also give you the readings in Celsius and Fahrenheit. This model is usually made of cylindrical glass tube with a disc that replaced the traditional balls. It is quite handy for the entire device only weighs 3.7 pounds and only measures around seven inches by seven inches approximately. So if you want to glam up your space whether your home rooms like the living area, bedroom, patio and so can also use this and place it on top of your office desk or anywhere in your receiving area.
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