What about the quality management system in Honde Medical Instruments?
Ningbo Honde Medical Instruments Co.,Ltd. has a complete quality management system that has been in use for decades. The quality management process is concentrated on incoming, semi-finished and finished products. Especially for finished products, their performance, service life, etc. are inspected before being sent. We will continue to strengthen quality management and reduce rejection rates.

Honde Medical Instruments is gradually wining more customer's trust for our high quality suction catheter. The medical diagnostic equipment is one of the main products of . During the production of Honde laryngeal mask airway, The overall light quality such as color rendering, color temperature, and the efficiency of the light source is obviously enhanced. The design shows our attention to practitioners' level of care. clinical thermometer as an environmentally friendly product has been accepted by more and more consumers. It helps hospitals to improve the quality of care.

In order to provide better service for customers and create the most valuable services to customers, we always adhere to the goal of putting customer's needs in the first place. Check it!
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