Ways to Get the Most Out Of A Medical Alert System

by:Honde     2020-07-27

Medical Alert Systems are powerful devices that save lives and provide peace of mind to millions every day. Although these tools are made to withstand falls, extreme conditions and technical failures, there are always a few things that the wearer and their loved ones can do to keep medical alert systems functioning at the optimum capacity. Here are some of the best ways to keep a medical alert system working and other tips to supplement the service for many years to come:

Clean the Medical Alert System Regularly - As is good practice with any technology device, regular cleanings can extend the lifespan of a medical alert system tenfold. Of course, it's not possible to just throw a medical alert system in a bucket of soapy water and call it a day. Alcohol pads are good to clean the surface of a medical alert base and the jewelry the patient is wearing. This will help remove oily fingerprints, dirt and germs. Another helpful way to keep your medical alert system clean is the use of compressed air. This is a common tool used to clean computer keyboards and other devices. It can be purchased for just a couple of dollars at an electronics or office supply store. This can help keep dust out of the device, which can lead to eventual damage.

Test the Equipment on a Periodic Basis - It's important to perform regular tests on a medical alert system. Most systems come with detailed instructions and a timetable on which to test the batteries and connection. Follow the particular instructions that come with the device and check the performance of the medical alert service. Be sure to use the button and call the Care Center to test the system. This is not necessary. Most systems have the ability to run a diagnostic test without the need of calling in an emergency call.

Regularly Update Personal Information - Personal contact information is a vital part of the success of a medical alert system. If a person moves, changes a phone number or their emergency contact does, it can render the medical alert system useless if the information is not updated in the system. A good way to make sure that service is uninterrupted in the event of a move, there is always the ability to call your medical alert service provider and let them know what date the address will be changing. They will schedule the change so that in the event of an emergency, 911 will be dispatched to the correct location. Also, if phone numbers are not regularly updated, then the emergency contact may not be reached in the event of an emergency. Just make sure that when information is changed, the medical alert service provider is always on the list of people to call and update that information with.

Lock Boxes - Lock boxes are common in the real estate practice. They allow people to get into a residence or business through the use of a small lock box, typically located on the front door knob. Basically, a person can enter a code and then the lockbox will pop open and give them a key to the door. A lock box is a good thing to have for patients using a medical alert system in their home. This can help make it simpler for EMTs to get into the house in the case of an emergency. Every second counts, so if the EMTs come prepared with the code given to them by the medical alert service, they can quickly get inside without having to knock down doors or break windows, causing damage to the home.

Always Wear It! When a person invests in a medical alert system, there are two main components. First of all, there is the base that connects to the phone line and accepts the signal from the emergency call button. The emergency call button is going to be located on a bracelet, necklace or other type of jewelry that a person can always wear. If they are not wearing the emergency call button, then there is no way for them to press it in the event of an emergency.

Know What to Expect On a Call - Sometimes, the anticipation and mystery of something can cause a great deal of anxiety for a person. Someone who needs to wear a medical alert system definitely should not endure any unnecessary anxiety. For this reason, it is good for both the wearer and their loved ones/caregivers to be fully aware of what happens once the emergency stress button is pushed. Immediately, a representative in the call center for the medical alert service will be contacted. They will have all the wearer's personal information, preferred hospitals, medical records and emergency contact information. They will first try to reach the wearer via a speaker system. Hopefully they can speak with the wearer and find out the severity of the situation. If they can determine what has happened, they will get the proper information and dispatch the right personnel and reach out to the emergency contact. If they cannot reach the wearer, 911 will be dispatched to find out why the distress call came in.

These are some great ways to get the most out of a medical alert system. Keep these tips close and use them well to keep a medical alert system working in the case of any and all emergencies.

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