VIMS Hospital Bangalore Review

by:Honde     2020-07-29


Valiyath Institute of Medical Science, or VIMS Hospital, Marathahalli, is a hospital in Bangalore.

A VIMS hospital MarathahalliBangalore review of their website

VIMS' welcome statement announces:'With over 1,000 beds, a string of nursing and hospital management colleges and lifelines of pharmacies and diagnostic clinics providing a safety net, VIMS is a healthcare powerhouse you can trust with your life.' It is difficult to interpret what a string of colleges might be or lifelines of pharmacies.

A list of links are labeled 'Quick Links:'

Plan Your Visit

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Our Overseas Offices

Services offered

The not-yet-constructed web site's home page lists a 'world class' Spine Specialists Center that uses invasive and non-invasiveprotocols to relieve the causes of back and neck pain.

They also list a Heart Center supported by advanced cardiacequipment and used by trained specialists. They represent angioplasty, bypass surgery, EKG and echocardiograms as methodologies for treating heart patients.

Lastly they feature a Neuro Center as a 'world class' unit that uses invasive and non-invasive protocols to relieve causes of Neural pathology.

Additional information

VIMS' website mentions four reasons why patients should trust them and lists the following:

their staff consists of internationally trained doctors

the hospital is under experienced American management

they use advanced technology

A fourth reason is not shown on their list.

'Home, Realcost, Packages & Promotion, Vitallife, Virtual Nursery, Investor Relations, Contact Us and Customer Feedback' appear to be additional links at the bottom of the page.


On a VIMS hospital Marathahallireviewsite, called 'Just Dial',( ) 22 reviews were listed with the most recent review ( dated 28 March 2011) at the beginning of the list, with the oldest review dated 21 May 2010. A 5-star format gives reviewers an opportunity to rate the hospital. A summation of the ratings reveals:

1 Star 10 reviews

2 Stars 1 review

3 Stars 1 review

4 Stars 4 reviews

5 Stars 6 reviews

The Vims hospital Bangalore review site indicates a wide variety of experiences with their services.

Among the 5 star reviews were comments that focused on Dr. Gareema Jain,a gynecologist, who seems to be held in high regard by most of her patients. There were two dissenting opinions of this doctor.

The complaints in the Vims hospital Marathahalli review site ranged from poor food, bad treatment from staff, unnecessary or botched surgeries to high costs. The positive complaints are the reverse, from good food, great staff treatment, curative surgery and reasonable costs.

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