Various raw materials used in making a new stethoscope
A new stethoscope consists of auditory pieces, earplugs, flexible tubes, a chest piece, and a rod. The earplugs of the stethoscope are made of Delrin, a rigid and white plastic, somewhat similar to nylon. These earplugs are attached with springs and steel springs. This helps them to adapt to the ears. The tab attached to the earplug is attached to the tube which in turn is attached to the stem and then to the chest piece. The chest piece is made of chrome-plated brass, aluminum or stainless steel. The pipe is made of latex rubber or polyvinyl chloride. The stethoscope on the pole has a double diaphragm, steel spring and steel ball bearings. The chest piece can be switched from a ball bearing to a flat diaphragm to cover unused channels. The diaphragm is made of hard plastic material, epoxy glass fiber or phenolic plastic. Popular stethoscopes like Honde include a cold-proof ring on either side of the diaphragm. This ring provides comfort to the patient and helps to capture sound better. The ring of the chest piece is made of polyvinyl chloride and silicone rubber.

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Honde series is manufactured in strict accordance with international standards.
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