Using Reiki to Aid in Surgery

by:Honde     2020-07-29

People scheduled for a medical surgery, regardless if it is a minor surgery or a complicated one, would be greatly helped by Reiki therapies. Certain surgeries are needed by the body to totally free it from certain diseases. Reiki would help greatly in these instances although not too directly.

Reiki is the best complement of modern medicine. So if your doctor tells you that you have problems with your uterus, you shouldn't just rely with a Reiki practitioner to heal you totally. The better way to solve health concerns is to continue with your doctor's medications and procedures, and then seek the help of a Reiki practitioner to speed up the healing process.

In which case, Reiki can help in two ways. It can make you feel better in no time and make your doctor feel the Reiki energy inside him in order to treat you more efficiently. The distance healing of Reiki allows any practitioner to send off the necessary energy to the doctor, including all other people that you will be in contact with at the hospital. Full Reiki treatment on yourself would help you a lot during the actual surgery procedure as well.

Surgeries complemented with Reiki are known to proceed more smoothly and very successfully. When Reiki is used on an estimated three-hour surgery session, chances are high that it would only take the patient two hours inside the surgery room. More so, it is possible that the complications of the disease, if any, will be resolved as easily as well.

Reiki can also be used during one's recovery period. Pain is commonly felt after undergoing surgery. The pain a person goes through during the post surgical recovery period can be enveloped with the Reiki's power to summon energy, love, and healing. As such, the patient will be able to live fuller and freely in the next few days.

The experiences of surgery patients on Reiki would further prove that recovery happens almost immediately along with the needed therapy. When most people would have to bring medical appendages like dextrose and catheter at home, those who had Reiki therapy sessions done on them would virtually leave the hospital without anything else attached to them but their clothes.

Reiki practitioners and receivers who will undergo any type of medical surgery very soon are advised to get at least fifteen full Reiki sessions on themselves the period before the actual surgery schedule. And if the energy can be sent over to the attending physician, surgeon, and nurses, the effect would even be more monumental.

By doing so, the time you took off from work to recover will be cut in half. Through Reiki, you won't have to spend six weeks on your recovery bed waiting for the pain to subside and the wounds to heal. In three weeks, you should be totally healed. And you can use your remaining time for further self-improvement through the principles of Reiki. Be healed easily and effectively today.

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