Uses of Catheter Tube And Catheter Marking in

by:Honde     2020-07-30

1940 was the year leaded to invent modern disposable catheter tube. A catheter tube is a thin and hollow tube; this tube is using to drain fluids or inject it. The process of inserting the thin, flexible catheter tube is known as catheterization. Catheter tube can admit drainage, administration of fluids or gases, or access by surgical.

These tubes are often using to drain urine from bladder by inserting tube in the urethra, drain fluids from abscesses in other body cavities and organs, open a vein or artery in or near the heart, to measure blood pressure in artery or vein, intracranial pressure in skull etc.. The catheter tubing technique is broadly using angioplasty, angiography, endoscopy, biopsy, balloon septostomy, balloon sinuplasty, cardiac electrophysiology testing, urinary catheterization, administration of intravenous fluids, anesthetic medication, parental nutrition, oxygen or other breathing gases etc..

Catheter can categorized into two, one is left inside the body permanently or temporarily called indwelling catheter, other one is inserted permanently called perm catheter. Catheter tubing is using for different purposes in medical field as heart catheters, drainage catheters, urinary catheters or Foley catheters etc.. Heart catheter or cardiac catheterization is using to exam the processes of heart condition thoroughly; for this catheters are inserted into both sides of the heart from arm. Drainage catheters are using for collecting fluids, to treat infection, to clear swelling, to remove accumulated fluid. In urinary catheters, catheter tube is inserting in the bladder due to the urinary leakage or any other defects make problem to control urination; in some other cases, catheter tube may be attached over the penis. When the patients uses the urinary catheters, they should be more vigilant in tube cleaning and sterilizing and also should follow the instructions of doctors when it is removing and changing.

A marking catheter is made by a flexible, thin material and having a closed distal end and an open proximal end block the transmission of x-rays and make appear it as contrasting images.

Catheter marking is one of the commonly using marking systems in the identification process of multi lumen catheter in medical field. Today, catheter marking system has an important role in the identification and visualization of lumens. The multi lumen brachytherapy devices are mainly making use the features of catheter marking system for the process of marking on a lumen or the composition of lumen. A marking catheter is using in balloon angioplasty and also for the deployment of stents in coronary arteries for diagnostic assessment on x-ray film.

There are a lot of firms with years of experiences in medical catheter tubing industry; they are using even advanced small diameter tubing technology and also can help to support in every phase of the manufacturing process, from material selection to final production.

Catheterization have got an enormous publicity among the people and doctors because of its accurate indication and examination about whether each human organ are in condition or not.

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