Unico Microscopes - Monocular and Binocular

by:Honde     2020-05-16
Unico has a wide range of microscopes for educational, medical, industrial, and research applications. monocular and binocular. Obtain Accurate Results with Monocular Unico Microscopes The monocular models of microscopes are specifically designed for educational purposes. Their advanced features and specifications ensure accurate results. The monocular models developed by Unico include the M15/M16, M220 Series and M220 LED Series. The widely used M15/M16 microscopes are designed to provide great optical clarity, with tungsten or LED bulbs. Their focus comes with large and easy to handle dual knobs with tension adjustment and slip clutch. Besides, locked-on stage clips and an integrated NA 0.65 condenser, and a 5 position disc diaphragm are part of their large and durable stage. The microscopes are equipped with an adjustable stage travel safety rack stop to provide protection for slide. M250 and 250 LED Series Binocular Microscopes Unico's binocular microscopes are one of the most versatile models available. The binocular models of the M250 and 250 LED series include both corded and cordless models devices. The corded models use halogen illumination, while the cordless models use battery-powered LED illumination, which includes an AC adapter. Both models come with Monocular, Dual-view, or Seidentopf Binocular heads. Recent innovations on these microscopes include a reverse nosepiece, large base and sturdy body construction for increased viewing comfort. The optical surfaces are precisely polished, sealed and coated with anti-fungal, color correction and hardening agents to enhance true color viewing, while increasing the durability of the lenses. Superior and Dependable Performance Unico microscopes are well known for their comfort of use, durability and superior imaging. They come with limited lifetime warranty, excluding bulbs, fuses and batteries. Available with all leading lab equipment dealers, the devices can be easily purchased at online stores.
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