Ultrasound Technician Training

by:Honde     2020-08-01

Ultrasound technicians are needed in Health care sector all across America . They are trained to take images of internal organs of body , tissues and also muscles. They are trained specifically for this job .


Ultrasound-technicians are trained to use equipment of high technology . The high end equipment produce sound waves of high frequency and these sound waves show internal images of a particular area of body . These images further help doctors to diagnose different conditions . One such example is taking images of an unborn baby .

These images are used by doctors through photographs or videotapes . Ultrasound technician help the patient to be in a proper position so image can be taken . They also prepare a record of the medical history of patient . After image is taken of the desired part of body , they are shown to doctor to make measurements , values and analysis of image is also done . Ultrasound technicians are trained in specific part of body such as abdomen , neurological ,heart etc .


The least requirement of ultrasound technician is high school diploma. Preference is given by employers to applicants with proper formal education .Certified training programs are available universities , community colleges , hospitals, vocational and technical schools . Curriculum of ultrasound technician training course have subjects like anatomy , medical ethics , basic physics as well as instrumentation and physiology .

ARDMS( American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography ) provide voluntary certificates and registration to technicians through which they gain competitive edge in this sector .


It has been found that the demand of ultrasound technicians is going to increase . The rate of increase is predicted to be at 19% from 2006 to 2016.Those technicians with more expertise and experience are more in demand than others.


The salary of ultrasound technician increases with expertise and experience . The technicians, which have recently completed training course ,have an average salary of $17 to $24 . And those technicians with experience ranging from 1 to 4 years earn an average salary of $20 to $24 .Ultrasound technicians is a great option for those who are looking for good salary , good future prospects and interesting work . These technicians are respected people in medicalindustry for their skills and work .

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