Top 5 Mistakes to Be Avoided In a Medical Doctor

by:Honde     2020-08-03

The purpose of a logo is to present a business to the world in a way that builds it reputation and positive image among its target audience. Hence, it is not everyone cup of tea to come up with a perfect brand mark that can do wonders for a company but it is not impossible as well.

Same is the case with medical doctor logo designs. It is not that easy to come up with a perfect medical corporate identity. After a careful observation of various medical logos design, I found out some serious mistakes that one should always avoid while designing them.

Let us now discuss those serious mistakes that can literally destroy you business's image.

The use of stock art:

The use of stock are is becoming common day by day as it is the most convenient solution one can get. Stock art can result into similar looking brand marks that can not only effect your business reputation but will create recognition problems for the viewers as well. This is the most generic form which will end up on a lower brand value. So, it is advisable not to go for these good for nothing options.

Extremely Complex:

Complex design concepts will not only confuse the viewers but also create problems when used on different scales. Sometimes graphic designers when want to show how creative they are, makes a corporate identity that looks cluttered and overly done which eventually creates a negative impact on the minds of the viewers. Therefore, a word of advice here is to avoid making your designs look intricate and fuzzy.

Choose of impertinent fonts:

There are two main components of a business identity that are icons and fonts. Both should comprehend each other instead of over powering. Simplicity is a core factor in the font's selection which totally goes with the nature of this profession. Moreover, you must also consider the legibility factor while designing such corporate identities. You can also search for some medical logo samples to get idea of what am I talking about.

Generic Logo designs:

New and refreshing ideas always end up on good results. On the other hand, if your brand mark is too generic then there is no way that it would work for your company. For example; if it shows a stethoscope that is indeed very common would not do much good for your business. A good corporate identity will present your business to the world while depicting the specific message about your practice at the same time. For instance; if you are running a cardiology hospital then your brand mark should be clearly depicting this practice.

Over use of colors:

At times, professional graphic designers end up on multi colored brand marks that obviously would not go with the serious nature of this profession. Use of colors should be not more than two to four in these corporate identities.

Hence, if you want to create a logo design that will help your medical business to grow then you must avoid the preceding highlighted mistakes.

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