There is no set of laryngeal mask

by:Honde     2020-06-04

i - Gel disposable laryngeal mask is a set of sac double tube laryngeal mask, made from thermoplastic elastic plastic cover soft body, shaped like a bowl, tile with larynx after placement and surrounding tissues were intimately, can achieve effective airway seal without cuff, and equally with esophageal drainage tube. Vent hood proximal designed the epiglottis pressure trace, make fixed after laryngeal mask into good. No epiglottis fences and vent is coarse, can be used for fiber mirror examination and treatment, can also be used to guide the endotracheal intubation [ 16] 。 Handle built-in tooth cushion and flat shape, can prevent the rotation and discounts. There are seven kinds of models to choose from. SLIPA laryngeal mask is South African doctor Miller invented a kind of single pipe type of laryngeal mask, there is no set of sac the pharyngeal anatomy structure design according to the human body, blowing plastic made of special material, shaped like a slipper, possesses the advantages of high impermeability, not easy to shift. The front of the SLIPA laryngeal mask design has a can accommodate 50 ml of liquid reflux cavity, greatly reduces the reflux of the risk of aspiration. SLIPA laryngeal mask without inflatable sac set a higher airway seal pressure, can be used to keep the spontaneous breathing or clinical practice the positive pressure ventilation operation [ 17 - 20] , is also very suitable for difficult airway management [ 21] 。 Its design can prevent hypoglossal nerve damage due to oppression, also can prevent caused by expansion of upper esophagus laryngeal recurrent nerve injury. Because there is no air cover, so SLIPA laryngeal mask is Classic laryngeal mask have more models, suitable for all kinds of different age and size of the patients. There are 6 kinds of adult models.

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