The type of laryngeal mask

by:Honde     2020-06-10

a laryngeal mask type:

a laryngeal mask consists of sets of sac, laryngeal mask, instructs the balloon, inflatable tube intubation, machine joint and the charging valve. According to its progress can be divided into the first, second and third generation. The current clinical application of laryngeal mask a total of five types:

1) LMA - Classic TM by the typical laryngeal mask, the type as the first generation product, is a Classic and standard laryngeal mask.

②LAM - Flexib - Le TM in a laryngeal mask, belong to the generation of products. Laryngeal mask thread steel wire embedded in the catheter to prevent catheter obstruction when bending.

③LAM - The Unique TM, enhanced laryngeal mask as the second generation product. Central catheter after strengthen prevent teeth flat.

④LAM - Fastrach TM, through may guide laryngeal mask the pipe endotracheal intubation, and the success rate is higher, also belong to the second generation.

⑤LMA - Proseal TM, stomach type drainage of laryngeal mask is also called double tube laryngeal mask, a double tube, a catheter can vent, another catheter can be inserted into the stomach tube drainage, can prevent the stomach contents reflux and aspiration for the third generation of laryngeal mask.

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