The Short Explanation About a Stereo Microscope

by:Honde     2020-05-14
A microscope is a scientific instrument that is used to amplify the appearance of a tiny object for further research. In the market, you can find an amount of different microscopes that is available. One of the microscopes available out there is the stereo microscope. Using a stereo microscope, each eye sees a separate eyepiece that is outfitted with a prism. Meanwhile, a bulb at the microscope bottom projects light through the sample and the lens for magnification. This way is reflected by the prism, so it can make the image larger. It is known that this device uses two prisms, while each eye looks into the sample in the microscope independently. As the result, the image has a three-dimensional appearance. This type of microscopes is frequently used for the dissections of laboratory. It is also usually used in the room of operation for guiding the surgeons in doing their surgery on a very small area. It was invented for the first time by Cherubin d'Orleans in 1657. Then, it was developed by the American Optical Company. As the result, the modern model of this microscope debuted 300 years later in 1957. Nowadays, it is produced by some companies, such as Olympus, Leica, Nilkon, and Zeiss. Of course, along with the advance of technology, it will experience the development day by day. Several stereo microscopes are mounted with the cameras that are small, but can record any work being performed on the area. The small cameras are also able to project the image onto a large screen.
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