The nasal endotracheal intubation and blind methods

by:Honde     2020-05-30

trachea via nasal cavity under the condition of the bright, inserted into the trachea.

1。 Must keep spontaneous breathing when intubation, but according to the strength of the exhaled air flow to judge the direction of the catheter.

2。 Surface anesthesia with 1% tetracaine the nasal cavity, and drop into the 3% ephedrine nasal mucosa vasoconstriction, in order to increase the nasal cavity volume, and can reduce bleeding.

3。 Choose appropriate diameter of the endotracheal tube, with the right hand hold a tube inserted into the nasal cavity. During intubation forward while give ear to the strength of the exhaled air, left hand adjust the patient's head position at the same time, to find out the location of the greatest.

4。 In the subglottic open when the catheter advance rapidly. Catheter into the glottis was advancing resistance is reduced, exhaled airflow is apparent, sometimes the patient cough reflex, breathing hydatid cysts after anesthesia machine with patients breathing and scale, shows that catheter inserted into the trachea.

5。 Such as catheter after advancing exhaled air disappear, for the performance of the inserted into the esophagus. Catheter should be retreated to nose pharynx ministry, add the head slightly elevated the catheter tip up, cock of the glottis to insert it.

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