The first generation of laryngeal mask

by:Honde     2020-05-31

a laryngeal mask type is more, according to the development history of laryngeal mask, laryngeal mask can be divided into the first generation of laryngeal mask, the second generation of laryngeal mask, the third generation of laryngeal mask and no sac laryngeal mask.

the first generation of laryngeal mask:

the standard laryngeal mask. Mainly has the LMA - clinically 经典、LMA - - - Flexible,LMA- The Unique and LMA - Ambu AuraOnce。 LMA - Classic line is mainly used for names of limbs, body, short procedure, can retain the mechanical ventilation with spontaneous breathing or a short period of time, can also be used for emergency airway, but it has poor poor sealing, adjustable, poor ability to prevent aspiration. There are eight kinds of models to choose from. LMA - Flexible is mainly used in otolaryngology and head and neck surgery and dental surgery anesthesia. LMA - Flexible ventilation tube length to increase its impact on the operation of small, ventilation tube diameter is small, reducing the number of oral surgery in space, the steel wire reinforced vent angulation and congestion not easily, but it has higher ventilation resistance, according to the vent position is not easy to judge the position of the vent hood, does not apply to difficult airway, and poor ability to prevent aspiration. There are 6 kinds of models to choose from. LMA - Unique is a one-time use normal laryngeal mask, cover pouch made of PVC materials, mainly used for emergency recovery and patients with infectious diseases, their advantages and disadvantages and LMA - The same Classic, a total of seven kinds of models to choose from. LMA - Ambu AuraOnce Ambu company went public in 2004 is a one-off single tube laryngeal mask, its vent is preliminary form a certain Angle in order to put a laryngeal mask, air passage end without a fence. Ambu AuraOnce laryngeal mask a placement rate and Classic laryngeal mask quite [ 2] , placement time is short, oropharynx air pressure is high, can be used to keep the spontaneous breathing [ 3] And mechanical ventilation 4] The anesthesia.

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