The domestic medical equipment industry development innovation is the most important

by:Honde     2020-06-25

compound growth rate of more than 20% for medical devices industry in our country in recent years, the global medical industry growth rate at about 10%. The size of the market in 2015 is expected to exceed 300 billion yuan. Especially in China's medical equipment market scale is only 14% of the medicine and total size of the market background, the domestic YiXie market has at least 5 ~ 6 times the room to improve.

China's medical equipment market scale has jumped to second place in the world, especially in a variety of low-end products, medical devices production first in the world. But accounted for only 25% of China's medical equipment market in high-end products and low-end products accounted for 75%, and in 25% of the high-end product market, 70% of the share occupied by foreign companies.

31, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the national health and family planning commission jointly held in Beijing to promote domestic medical equipment application development seminars, and signed a cooperation agreement. Conference, minister of the ministry MiaoWei stressed that the medical device industry is a capital and technology intensive, will guide is strong, the whole construction machinery industry correlation, development prospect of the sunrise industry. Promote the development of domestic medical equipment industry, from two aspects of innovation chain and chain applied effort.

innovation chain, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology needs integration of upstream and downstream resources, key support advantage enterprises, breakthrough of a batch of key core components and medical equipment and software, significantly improve ability and quality level of the industrialization of the domestic medical equipment; Application of chains, and national health ministry to family planning related work and combined closely with the policies and measures, promote a batch of domestic medical equipment into influential hospitals in application and verification, build a batch of domestic medical equipment application demonstration base.

with the improvement of economic level and health consciousness, the aging of the population increase, the continuing escalation of medical apparatus and instruments as well as the increasing of medical device field in our country, in the next few years China's medical equipment market will produce a larger growth space. In the market competition, innovation and technology is particularly important.

grassroots hot domestic medical equipment or will rapidly develop

country 'Internet + hierarchical diagnosis model is accelerating, with further tilt policy after improving with' Internet + hierarchical diagnosis ', first option at the grass-roots level, two-way referral and treatment pattern formation, basic-level hospitals will equipment upgrades peak, the domestic medical equipment will be rapid development. '

however, according to relevant statistics show that 1 in our country. 6 m medical devices in the enterprise, with the exception of a few companies such as neusoft, mindray development is good, the rest are small small and medium sized medical equipment company. Based on medical equipment market in 2014 total 276 billion yuan, the average income of the medical device manufacturing enterprise in 17 million yuan only.

although overall development for medical devices industry rapidly in our country, but most of them are small small businesses, difficult to form effective competition in the international market, in the global market opening, the economic cooperation with China in deepening, if companies cannot become bigger and stronger, it is hard to gain advantage in competition

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