The advantages and disadvantages of laryngeal mask

by:Honde     2020-06-13
Laryngeal mask can be used high pressure steam sterilization, and can be used repeatedly. The operation is simple, easy, as long as patients have no trouble with open mouth, can put a laryngeal mask, and easily fixed to emerge. With anesthesia clinical routine use of the standard mouth nose mask, compared to the use of laryngeal mask anesthesia can liberation of hand and arm fatigue, there is no gas into the ills of the stomach, easy to use. No laryngoscope insert, reveal the glottis, catheter inserted through the glottis, such as mechanical stimulation, not easy to appear laryngeal edema, vocal cord injury, complications such as laryngeal recurrent nerve paralysis. Without using the muscle relaxant, can retain the spontaneous breathing, avoid muscle relaxant and antagonist medicine adverse side effects. Laryngeal mask could be accessed by

under the gas occurs less oxygen saturation is reduced, less respiratory tract unobstructed maintain has difficulties. Placement stimulation lighter, less discharge, do not affect the trachea cilia activity, conducive to row of phlegm, can maintain airway self-cleaning effect; Postoperative cough, atelectasis, pulmonary complications such as pneumonia. Small airway resistance is small, breath work, well is not easy to fatigue. The required than endotracheal intubation anesthesia depth is shallow, dosage of anesthetic to reduce. Under the laryngeal mask airway, allow compound in a short time to use a variety of anesthetics, slight assisted respiration can be imposed if necessary. Airway closure is poorer, sometimes leading to positive pressure ventilation leakage, leakage level and the length of time of surgery, the patient position, neck tension, ventilation resistance and ventilation pressure size and other factors. For airway is close, the distance between the esophagus after laryngeal mask in laryngeal mask and mouth enough between the esophagus anesthetic gases may enters the stomach, especially when the lower esophageal sphincter hypotonia, prone to danger such as vomiting, reflux and aspiration. Therefore, in need of ShiXingZheng pressure ventilation occasions its application have restrictions on mobile. Laryngeal mask in the crest can sometimes stop placing endotracheal sputum suction tube, which causes the difficulty in sputum suction. 2 the following laryngeal mask narrow lumen of the ( Related with the enclosure of the crest) , easy to distort, may lead to the accumulation of CO2. The price is expensive.

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