Taking Care of Your Wireless Grill Thermometer:

by:Honde     2020-04-09
Possibly the biggest problem faced by owners of wireless grill thermometers is the short life span of these products. Since they often retail for over $50, savvy consumers can't be blamed for being hesitant to purchase one. However, these are nifty little gadgets, and can be a great addition to the kit of even the most cost conscious grill-master if they are used properly. The main Achilles heel of these thermometers lies in the cable which runs between the probe and the transmitter. While these cables are engineered to hold up to high temperatures, they are also quite thin and are not designed to resist high pressure or abuse. If they are crimped or placed under high pressure, the thin wires inside the cable can lose their ability to transmit information, rendering them all but useless and forcing you to either replace the cable or buy a new thermometer. So how does one protect this cable from being damaged? Easy: don't close your grill's lid on it! Go outside and look at your grill. If you have a gas grill, look on the main grill housing on either side where the lid meets the grill pan. You should see one or several small holes in this general area through which the probe can be inserted and the cable can run through. It's that simple! Charcoal grills can be somewhat more tricky, but they usually have a set of 2-4 holes on the top with a swivel cover. Even if you want that closed while you grill, you can leave it open just a notch and run your probe and cable through it without any noticeable effect on your end product. If your grill doesn't already have these holes, you can (theoretically at least) drill a hole yourself. There are a multitude of videos and tutorials online about drilling through metal, and it would be best to check one of those out before beginning. However, I can say that you will need a powerful drill or drill press, and should use a cone bit designed for drilling through metal. Luckily, you will only need a small hole just large enough to accommodate the probe and cable. This hole should not have any effect on the structural integrity or performance of your grill. There you go! One simple change in your grilling habits can ensure that your expensive wireless grill thermometer is something that you buy for life!
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