Stethoscopes - How to Know a Quality Stethoscope

by:Honde     2020-04-22
The Headset includes two metal ear tubes with ear tips and tension springs and fits around the face and into the ears. Chest Piece... This is the part that is placed in the area where the examiner wants to hear sound. It is located at the end of the tubing. Some stethoscopes have a tunable diaphragm on each side of the chest piece, especially when used in cardiology departments. The large diaphragm is used on adults and small diaphragm used on pediatric or especially thin patients. Ear tips... The ear tips fit into the ears and should be comfortable and offer a good seal and durability. Proper sized tips are especially important if you are using soft-sealing type. Wrong size, too large or too small, for the user, could result in poor sound performance. Ear tubes.. The ear tubes are the metal parts to which the ear tips are attached. Stem... The stem connects the chest piece to the tubing. Tunable Diaphragm.. A tunable diaphragm on a stethoscope, traditionally a bell and a diaphragm. The bell is used when applying light pressure to the skin and hearing low sounds. A diaphragm on the other side is used when applying firm pressure and hearing high sounds. Tubing... The tubing connects the chest piece to the ear tubes It may be long or short depending on the preference of the user. To properly measure the tubing, measure from the top of the earpiece to the bottom of the chest piece. When using a stethoscope, It's important to realize that for optimal acoustic sound reception, it must be worn at an anatomically correct angle, with the ear tips turned toward the user's ear canals. When the ear tips are in your ears, the ear tips should point forward. Before placing in your ears, hold the headset in front of you so that the ear tubes point away from you. If, after placing ear tips in your ears properly, the fit does not feel comfortable, take hold of each of the ear tubes and adjust them for a comfortable fit. In addition, a poor acoustic seal and sometimes, a complete sound blockage can result from an improperly worn stethoscope headset. Knowing your stethoscope and how to use it properly gives you the skills needed to choose the right stethoscope for right profession, and one that will give you precision and confidence in your assessments and diagnosis skills. Finally, many facilities furnish stethoscopes to their employees. Do not assume that these are quality tools. From experience, I have learned that many are not the quality needed. Always examine the stethoscope for cracked tubing, loose or broken connections, and the type of ear tips you are using. All of these things, can affect the results you receive. Many professionals prefer their own personal stethoscope which gives a better fit and increased confidence in their results.
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