Stethoscope: MDF 740 Pulse Time

by:Honde     2020-04-17
In the fast paced medical field, what is one of the most important tools doctors, nurses, first responders, EMT's, etc need after a stethoscope? A Pulse Time. To be able to measure the patient's pulse, all of these professionals must have a high quality watch with a good second hand or window that shows the seconds. The watch must also be in a convenient location to be easily seen and read. In order to take some of the worries away in having to always keep a good watch on, MDF Instruments has manufactured the MDF 740 Pulse Time and MDF 740C Pulse Time Pediatric Stethoscope which allows the medical professional to measure the pulse at the same time as you are listening to heart sounds or measuring the blood pressure. The brilliance of the Pulse Time is that the stethoscope has a built-in quartz watch. It is very convenient because it is a 'sensitive' and 'fast' stethoscope. It enables medical professionals to maintain eye contact with their patients during diagnosis, making the caregiver more 'sensitive', while timing the heart rate or obtaining other vital signs, making the examination 'faster'. It also frees up one hand to be able to perform other tasks, making the health care provider more efficient. In the field of pediatrics, patients are often afraid or anxious. By using the MDF 740C Pediatric Stethoscope, the medical professional can use their other hand to comfort the child or hold a stuffed animal up to distract the child and put them at ease. The built-in quartz watch allows the caregiver to expedite their exam while having a means to console the young patient. The most convenient and practical way is really to have a 2 in 1 product, the MDF Pulse Time or MDF Pulse Time Pediatric Stethoscope.
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