Stem Cells, Answer to a Number of Chronic Diseases

by:Honde     2020-08-19

Particularly in case of Parkinson the muscles gets rigid and affects the central nervous system, which ultimately affects a number of other body functions. Here medications can only mask the symptoms, which can't be the treatment and implanting a brain pacemaker is also a complicated process. However today we have a better solution for this, which can treat the disease that to without any medication that means no side effect at all. This alternate medical procedure is known as stem cell therapy.

We do not have to go anywhere for stem cells because it is available in our own body and with latest medical technology we can develop it in the laboratory for implantation. We just required bone marrow, which can be extracted from the hip bone. Extraction of bone marrow takes around 30 minutes and in just two days it will be ready in the lab. Stem cell implantation is not at all a complicated procedure as other implantations. It takes hardly one hour or less and one can back to his/her normal life. Generally stem cells are implanted by intravenous administration or injected into the CNS by lumbar puncture or via catheter, in certain case it is directly injected into the targeted area. So depending upon the case the surgeon decides the way it is to be implanted.

Stem cells can regenerate, rejuvenate and repair cells so it is also used as an anti aging treatment option. There are a number of solutions available in the market in the form of cosmetics but generally these are treating your skin superficially but in case of stem cell it treats you internally. That means you can have a clear and healthy skin for a longer period and can easily delay the aging symptoms. There is no risk of side effect also. For better look stem cells can be extracted from fat tissue and developed in the lab as per the requirement. Then with very fine needle these developed stem cells can be injected in to your face. Do not worry it is not that painful and within few days the blue marks of the needle will be omitted from your skin and you can have a refreshing face.

Stem cell treatment is gaining popularity as it has no side effect and a very high success rate even the cases related of stroke, stem cell is considered as a better treatment option. It is cost effective as it does not require any long term hospitalization or medication. It is more like a natural treatment so scientists are excited about it as a subject of research. They believe it has a lot more to offer than what we have today.

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