Senior Truckers - How Safe it is to Leave Them

by:Honde     2020-08-22

Driving plays a vital role in the culture of America. Without being behind the wheels, the person might feel they're losing their independence. When we talk about elderly drivers who face potential loss of their driving, the feeling is amplifying. They not only lose their licenses to drive their vehicle but they also need to bear in mind about their health and strength they owe to control a heavy vehicle.

There is no age factor determination in trucking to stop trucking on the whole. Many senior truckers drive longer than others, due to the factors like good motor skills, vision, health and driving skills. There are other factors also reflecting like medication and illness. Often, with seniors there are many concerns tangled around them, from safe driving to realize it's-time-to-stop-driving-now. It is said, that senior truckers, over the age of 80 get into more accidents and fatalities than young drivers because of the age.

Signs of Unsafe Driving

Instead of relying or concluding a specific age to determine when a senior trucker should strop driving, it is better to recognize the odd driving habits and changes in which these truckers drive. Family and friends would pay attention to signs to figure that its high time senior truckers should stop trucking. Some of the common signs include decreased reactions and difficulty in seeing far off things even if the senior is wearing specs. Some situations include stopping in the middle of the highway without any real requirement, or middle of an intersection etc. Sometimes, driving would become confusing or they would simply stop obeying them altogether. Even collisions with animals, cars and humans are a significant sign to switch to a peaceful career than trucking at this age.

Precautions for better, healthy driving career

Taking extra precautions will ensure that senior truck driver is safe on the road. The trucker should be physically strong and maintain the same by eating healthy foods, taking medicines as prescribed by the doctors, go for routine eye check up to ensure if the drivers are able to see clearly and also keep a routine check on opacification like cataract. I would recommend going for an overall check, which is indeed essential in senior citizens. As they are well experienced drivers, handling situations on road are one of their traits. However, staying fit and healthy will enhance the experience they own and help them in becoming better drivers.

Take a strong decision if things are falling apart...

Family members are the one set of people who can decide if older relatives' driving skills are problematic. This is an enormous responsibility over their heads as senior drivers would find it difficult in judging their own driving skills. However, their driving skills can be professionally assessed by the state licensed driving skills evaluators checking on their driving skills. It is better to go with clinical assessment by driving rehabilitation therapists, assessing the senior trucker's medical and driving history, medication usage and abilities to function better. The verdict may say that the driver should discontinue driving altogether or recommend training and special equipments for the vehicle for a safe traveling.

If there are major health issues with the trucker, the care taker can immediately inform Local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to lodge a safety complaint. It can also be done anonymously and the end result would be DMV requiring the elder truck driver to take up a driving test. In worst scenarios, it will turn mandatory to take away the truck keys for security reasons.

In the mean time, don't forget to file your taxes before the due date and do keep a hard copy of stamped schedule-1, or else the cop would not leave way so easily. As a senior trucker, taking up long hauls and much weight would not suit your health even if you are healthy enough. If you are not exceeding the limited weight and miles, you don't have to file your taxes but still need to keep IRS informed about the same, much before the date. Truckers, it's time to check out the world of online websites, file return and receive schedule-1 copy in minutes.

There are many service providers offering full service option, wherein truckers can send across the details about their truck and also have a word with the customer care executive on the same. Truckers will not only e-file their return but also receive schedule-1 copy in minutes.

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