Rectal Thermometers Are Essential If You Have

by:Honde     2020-04-10
The digital age has brought with it many advantages to the human race, the convenience of being able to see an accurate reading on electronics is very helpful, and it has brought great innovation into the world of nursing and medicine too. Take the temperature of a patient is extremely important to see what is going on inside his body and a rectal thermometer is regularly used to do so. Gone are the old days of struggling to read the little black lines on old mercury thermometers - sometimes it took so long the temperature reading quickly became inaccurate. The temperature of the human body is taken anywhere where the thermometer can be completely surrounded by the patient's flesh, such as the armpit, rectum or via the mouth. With small children who are sick, this is often very difficult. A thermometer used in the mouth, placed under the tongue, can be spat out or chewed, and the readings can often be inaccurate. With modern thermometers, they come with protective sheaths, so whether a rectal or oral thermometer is used, the sheath can be quickly ejected, keeping the thermometer sterile for the next use. A modern rectal thermometer is not only easy for the practitioner or nurse to use, but once the maximum temperature is reached, the thermometer will beep and the reading easily read afterwards. A rectal thermometer will always give a higher reading than one placed in the mouth or armpit, typically the reading from an oral thermometer will be one degree higher than an axillary reading (taken from the armpit) and a further one degree less than one read by a rectal thermometer. A glass rectal thermometer is designed differently from an oral thermometer. The bulb is much shorter and thicker and there is no danger it can penetrate and damage the thin rectal wall. When you compare an oral and a rectal thermometer side by side, the difference is so obvious there should be no confusion, but the use of glass thermometers is becoming obsolete. Electrical rectal thermometers (or probes) are quickly replacing them for convenience and ease of use. Although they do look the same, a rectal one is color coded with red and an oral thermometer uses blue, so there should be no confusion, although they are the same shape and size. For a new mom taking the temperature of a preemie, newborn or toddler it can be frustrating to say the least and a rectal thermometer may be the answer - many mothers swear by them. They are very cheap, can give you an accurate reading within only five to eight seconds and the child doesn't even feel it. It can be done while changing a diaper and the child won't know a thing about it. They are easy to read and keep clean and designed specifically for use in children and toddlers. If you have ever tried to get an oral thermometer into a sick toddler's mouth, you'll know how difficult it is - using a rectal one you can do it behind his back (literally) and he won't know a thing. It will be over with in seconds.
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