Purchase guides of best thermometer for kids
If you don't have the best thermometer for kids, your first aid kit will never be complete. We have researched various types of kid thermometers and made a purchase guide to help you make informed choices. The common thermometers for kids are listed below. 1. Rectal kids thermometers: These are a bit uncomfortable, but they provide the most accurate temperature measurement and are the best choice for kids. Note: When purchasing a rectal thermometer, make sure it has a wide base and a flexible tip to ensure that you don't insert it too far, as this can be dangerous. 2. Oral thermometers: These are also very accurate and easy to use. All you have to do is put it under your kid's tongue for reading. They are the best thermometers for children over 4 years old because they can stay still. 3. Infrared/forehead/temporal artery thermometers: These are the most expensive kid thermometers because they use infrared technology to measure the temperature of the brachial artery on the baby's forehead. They are also very accurate and are the most convenient and safest thermometers because you don't need to touch your baby. They are suitable for children of any age. 4. Underarm (underarm) thermometers: These are the most inaccurate, they should only be used when you don’t have any other type. 5. Ear canal thermometers: These are easy to use. They can be used for children over 12 months because their ear canals are not too narrow. However, in order to get accurate readings, they must be placed in the correct position in the ear. 6. Pacifier thermometers: These are the best for young babies, but they are not very reliable as the readings are not very accurate. Just as the armpit thermometers, these should only be used when there is no another option.

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