Proper Use of The Digital Thermometer

by:Honde     2020-08-27

Observe its range - capable of measuring temperature range. If the estimated test the temperature exceeds the maximum it can measure temperature, or below it the lowest temperature measured, it is necessary to switch to a range suitable thermometer, otherwise the thermometer liquid thermometer may be burst, or could not be determined temperature value.

A clear understanding of the minimum scale value can be quickly read, in order to use it to measure temperature.

We can never detect if our child has high fever or not without the aid of a thermometer. Before, reading the degree of fever needs a clear eye to see where the mercury level stops after 3 minutes to five minutes of placing them on the armpit, rectal or in the mouth, the hard part here is that, you may not be reading accurately the thermometer. Thank God that with newer technology, we now have digital thermometer.

A rise in temperature or fever is an indicative of infection that your body is trying to combat off, that's why you feel sick. In order to know the degree of your body temperature you use digital thermometer. When you go to a clinic, the Nurse or the Doctor will ask you how the fever is going on and you have to give him or her correct body temperature. If your eyes aren't sharp enough to read the tiny lines on thermometer, the easiest way is to use digital thermometer.

What the digital thermometer does is it displays the number on the screen. There is no need of reading on base on the level of mercury on the tiny lines. For first time digital thermometer users, it is easy to use it; the guidelines below will show you how to do it properly in order to get the accurate temperature.

Remove the digital thermometer from its covering; wash the tip with clean water and wipe dry gently.

Set the digital thermometer button before placing them on your back of tongue.

Place the digital thermometer at the back of the tongue, close the mouth and wait for about 3 minutes. Please do not use this for babies and children under 5 years old. There are separate digital thermometers used for younger children.

When you hear the beep sound, remove the digital thermometer out of your mouth.

Automatically the temperature degree is visible on the little screen.

36*C to 37. 2*C means your temperature is normal.

37.5*C you have a slight fever.

38*C to 39*C watch for your temperature by monitoring it closely.

If it is 40*C to 43*C you in a convulsion stage. Better go to a clinic or hospital or give antipyretic to lower the fever as your first aid while you are yet on the way to a Doctor.

The digital thermometer should be kept always on its protective covering after cleaning it.

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