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by:Honde     2020-04-19
The pediatric stethoscope is an extremely vital, noninvasive, diagnostic tool, which is used for pediatric, as well as newborn and neonatal patients. The stethoscope is an immediate way to hear not only heart and lung sounds, but the other internal sounds within the body, including the blood flow within the arteries. There is an array of brands, from which to choose from, as well as price ranges. The most important factor in choosing a stethoscope is that of the acoustic quality. If the various body sounds cannot be heard clearly, a delay in diagnosis may very well occur, especially in an emergency situation. The most commonly used pediatric stethoscopes used are the acoustic, which is what we see physicians and nurses use most often. Stethoscopes, at a glance, which are used on children, infants and adults look the same. However, the bell size for pediatric and newborn patients is much smaller than those used for adult patients. You cannot expect to get clear, audible sounds by using an adult stethoscope on a child because of their small body, and weight. In choosing a pediatric stethoscope, not only are comfortable ear pieces a necessity, but they should fit well in order to minimize the noise in your surrounding environment, so that you will be assured to not miss something crucial which could lead to an incorrect diagnosis. There are manufacturers such as Welch Allyn which make stethoscopes that have flexible, as well as interchangeable ear pieces. The remaining construction of stethoscopes is tubing, the diaphragm and/or bell. For children, the double tubing provides better audibility than the single tubes. It is also advised to have not only a bell, but a combination bell/diaphragm with will enable the use to hear high and low frequency body sounds. Another, extremely important issue in choosing a stethoscope is to do with latex allergies. There are multiple manufacturers who provide high quality, latex free pediatric stethoscopes. We have all experienced being examined with a cold stethoscope put against our bare skin. While choosing your stethoscope, you might also want to consider purchasing a stethoscope sock, or animal shaped cover for your pediatric stethoscopes. Durability, and a high level of functionality is important. There is ample information, along with reviews by professionals who have used the variety of brands out there, which may assist you in choosing the best pediatric stethoscope.
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