Patient Hospital Gown Innovation

by:Honde     2020-09-01

During normal days, we can always wear whatever apparel we want to wear as long as it is comfortable to wear. According to our activities, we can easily interchange clothes ad appropriate them so we can be assured that our body needs the right covering to set us out of public scrutiny and worst folly. But whenever we get into the hospital and been confined, often times, these rights to privacy are often neglected and just your right to be cured is given enough attention. We are only required to use the conventional hospital gowns that cover only your front. Though this has been an accepted practice in the medical world, several religious groups and orientations are somehow dismisses this idea. For them, they wanted to be treated and be cured without jeopardizing their right to privacy by wearing those old patient medical scrubs.

Good for those privacy-conscious patients, a move has spearheaded wherein a new hospital gown has been planned to be redesigned. The Design Council, a non-departmental organization that was created in 1944, was the one that made these changes possible together with the Department of Health of the The project was called the Design for Patient Dignity Programme aims at pursuing patients' privacy while on hospital robes.

'We want to ensure that patients' experience of the NHS goes from good to great and the exciting designs unveiled today show patients what they can expect from the NHS of the future,' a minister of the Design Council says.

The basic changes on the hospital gown are primarily on aesthetics. The back portion that are usually open and exposed in old gowns are being updated and covered. Instead the opening of the scrubs at the back, they redesigned it so the new gowns open at the sides and fastened by button clips. Because of the, IV lines and other medical equipment cables can be easily attached to the patient without exposing the skin thereby adding to the dignity of the patient. It has an internal waist cord to fit comfortable all body sizes. Another feature of the redesigned hospital gown is its reversible textile which allows nurses to fully maximize the gown for other equipment attachments. This gown is also available in round and v-neck designs. These designs are said to respect the patients' and their families' ethical orientations and religious preferences as this promote coverage of the exposed body parts.

Another design that the team has in mind is the ICU patient medical scrub. And because an ICU patients needed more rooms and passages of IV lines, equipment cables, and other devices, the ICU gown should be a little more different that the usual hospital gowns. The ICU gowns are equipped with internal and external pockets that are large enough to hold personal belongings or medical paraphernalia like that of a urine catheter bag. Instead of zippers or buttons, this gown has perforated lines in distinct parts for easy access to patient's body in case of emergency. It also has a belt tie that serves as the primary fastener of the gown which is made of a material that can easily be replaced. This gown, like the one above, comes in a universal size.

For when patients' dignity is by far an important consideration, making sure that they are treated in a very respectful manner is their first way of coping up with their illness. And all these begin with what they wear in the hospital.

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