Oncology Treatments in India - At Par with International

by:Honde     2020-09-03

Are Oncology treatments in India at par with the international cancer hospitals or not? Cancer is no longer a terminal disease as advanced technology and several new methods are available such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy, immunotherapy and surgery etc. There are several forms of cancer such as bone, breast, lung, kidney, leukemia, pancreas, colon and prostate cancers.

India is one of the top destinations for Oncology treatment because treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy are provided by using state of the art equipments and advanced techniques. Also, the treatment cost of cancer in U.K. and U.S.A is 10 times more than in India. When it comes to paying in dollars and pounds, the cost of cancer treatment inevitably becomes 100 times more. Even a simple consultation fee in America can go up to 10,000 USD (approximately Rs. 5,40,000). Also multinational healthcare chains such as Medanta, Apollo and Max have their hospitals, rehabilitation centers and clinics running in India.

There are several types of cancer treatments available in India such as chemotherapy, biological therapy, radiation therapy, surgical oncology and cyber knife. Chemotherapy is the most common cancer treatment wherein cancerous cells are destroyed with the use of drugs. The drugs given to the patient kill the DNA within the tumor cell, destroying the defected cell.

Next cancer treatment is biological therapy which functions on the basic fundamental that the immune system can fight the disease and prevent it from spreading further. Natural substances produced within the body are injected to recover the immune system.

The third treatment of cancer is radiation therapy. It involves the use of high energy rays which infiltrate into the body and destroy the cancerous cells that rapidly reproduce themselves. However they also destroy the normal cells at times. In surgical oncology, the cancerous tumor is removed from the body with the help of surgery to prevent it from spreading further. In basic cancer surgery, the entire mass along with lymph nodes are removed.

However with the emergence of the CyberKnife, the side effects of radiotherapy and the duration of operation got minimized. There are two elements associated with the CyberKnife treatment; first is the use of a small linear particle accelerator to produce radiation and the second is the use of robotic arm which directs the radiation to a specific part of the body.

Oncology treatments in India are same as offered in any other part of the world. The reason is that the country has one of the finest surgeons, state of the art infrastructure & equipments and the post-treatment care. Nowadays, when new drugs are introduced in the West, they are simultaneously launched in India and are easily available too. On the other hand, many people from abroad are coming to India for cancer treatments due to their cost effective nature. To say that Oncology treatments in India are at par with the international cancer hospital will not be an understatement.

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