Omron HeartScan ECG Monitor With Software

by:Honde     2020-09-03

The single-channel Omron HeartScan ECG Monitor is truly impressive in every respect. It's versatile and multi-purpose features make it ideal for GPs and other medical professionals at every level. It can also be used by patients with prior guidance from a medical professional. Unlike most ECG Monitors it is completely cordless and very compact, meaning that it is fully portable, it's so small in fact it would easily fit into the pocket of any medical professional or doctor's case, so the user can carry it at all times.

The handheld ECG device being cordless has other advantages too. There is no need for electrodes and electrode cables, so there are no consumable costs and no difficulty setting up the electrode cables between the device and the patient.

The cordless operation and direct on-screen display allows a quick-scan of the heart condition. The ECG analysis provides information on the heart rate, rhythm and the ECG waveform. The single lead recording runs for 30 seconds and includes a multilevel display of deviations from the norm as well as the date and time of the recording, the heart rate and the short-cut analysis.

It's very user-friendly and compatible with a PC. The Heartscan can download, through SD memory, 300 date and time stamped measurements to keep a permanent record of the readings. This is particularly useful as cardiac events tend not to occur consistently, they are transient. The Omron Heartscan is suitable for patient and professional use and therefore helpful in determining cardiac aetiology of symptomatic events as and when they occur. Monitoring of a heart condition for ambulatory patients exposed to stroke, MI and sudden death risk is also useful, and the data can be past to the hospital clinicians upon arrival at the hospital. Given the ease of use and portability, monitoring of efficacy and tolerance to a given medication regime from the comfort of the patient's own home can also be considered.

Patients should consider purchasing a unit themselves if they are at risk of a cardiac event. Patients at risk would include those with symptoms that may be linked to a cardiac origin, such as dizziness, palpitations, chest/arm pain or shortness of breath. Patients with a known condition such as Diabetes, Hypertension or patients who are smokers or are clinically obese may also fall into this category. It is recommended that patients consult with their doctor before using this device, to ensure on going monitor will add value to the doctor's treatment method.

The Omron Heartscan version with software also offers a level of automatic interpretation, making life even easier for the healthcare professional and allowing the device to spot problems not immediately obvious to an observing clinician. This is achieved via 13 analysis codes and displays the results directly to the user.

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