Nursing Uniforms- Essential hospital Attire for Nurses

by:Honde     2020-09-03

The hospital attire worn by the nurses is known as nursing uniforms. A typical uniform consists of a dress, apron and a cap which is the basic combination used in all nursing apparels. In many hospitals the nurses also wear nursing pins. These uniforms are necessary to create an official atmosphere in the hospital. It also helps to enhance the standard of the hospital. It also helps the patient and visitor to recognize the hospital staff from others. The color of the uniform must not be irritating to the patient. They must be cool and attractive. Blood red or green color is amongst the most favored colors.

There are many different types of tops available for the Nursing uniforms which include printed, V-neck, 3 pocket tops and others. It is made from combination of 60% cotton and 40% polyester. Many v-neck tops with single pocket are also available in different solid colors including ceil blue, teal green, royal red, white, black, navy, Bahamas blue and many more. They may have hospital names and logos printed on them. Different colors used for staff members of different department makes identification of the staff members easy.

Like the tops, bottoms are also available in wide range of different colors and style. The combination of tops and matching bottom makes unique Nursing uniforms. Parallel pants are available in two side pockets and one back pocket. The same material that consists of 60% cotton and 40% polyester and is used for manufacturing tops is also used for manufacturing bottoms. Many unisex cargo pants have six pockets. These are also available with elasticized twill drawstring. The sizes available are from XXS - 8X. They are available in variety of different colors allowing one to mix-n-match with the selected topcoat. The neat and flat front with elastic back gives a nice professional look to the staff members

Shoes are also part of nursing uniforms. There are different types of nursing shoes available. These are mostly white or black in color. They are specially designed for comfort and support for a long time wear. The sole are light weighted and flexible. The heel is slightly raised easing the hamstring, calf and back muscles during continuous walking or standing. The insoles leather of the shoes are non allergic. They also absorb the perspiration of the foot. The soles are also anti skid. This prevents one from skidding on wet or greasy floors.

Many hospitals have their standard designs and color for the Nursing uniforms. This maintains the standard of the hospital and makes the job of the staff members look very much professional. Uniforms help to maintain a healthy environment among the staff members of the hospital. It also helps the nurse to protect from the infection or various contagious diseases as in most of the case it covers the whole body. In many hospitals color represents the level of the nurse. Many-experienced nurse wear white dresses while the students or new nurses wear colored uniforms like blue or pink or checked ones.

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