Medical Laminar Air Flow Manufacturers from India

by:Honde     2020-09-09

Weiber Laminar Air Flow is an enclosed system of circulating filtered air in parallel-flowing planes in hospitals or other health care facilities. The system reduces the risk of airborne contamination and exposure to chemical pollutants in surgical theaters, food preparation areas, hospital pharmacies, and laboratories. Through specialist knowledge of clean room equipments, Weiber work with their customers to provide dynamic, standard and tailor made solutions. Weiber often look beyond the boundaries of their own country to export scientific equipments which would fulfill the needs of scientific community. This Equipment is having many practical applications in the medical domain.

Weiber CE marked Laminar Air Flow stainless steel equipment is widely used in medical research laboratories for sterilizing medical equipments. The advanced & mobile laminar flows are made up of polypropylene material. And the entire rear wall is filtered. Moreover they are perfect for critical application and manipulations and are available in various sizes. Weiber re-circulation Medical Laminar Air Flow systems are ideal solution for laboratory testing, low risk pharmaceutical compounding and many more. This Equipment provides a safe and clean environment for compounding of hazardous and sterile drug preparations. The special design of our versatile medical laminar flow cabinet allows safe manipulation of sterile products with an inward air barrier that increases operator safety. In a hospital, where the air is having the highest probability of being contaminated with germs, bacteria and other pollutants, it is very risky to conduct operations and other surgical practices unless there is enough protection from contamination risks.

Research has found out that the air samples after the employment of laminar air flow is found to be less contaminated than without it. Likewise, the rate of post operative infection have also reported to be considerably low after the use of equipment in the surgical areas and afterwards. This Tool is also used during the assembly of medical and surgical instruments and equipments to ensure that they are sterile and free from germs.

Weiber versatile Medical Air Flow systems are ideal solutions for instruments preparation and other critical applications and manipulations. Our range is also in accordance with the set industry standards and made available in customized specifications as per the customers' requirements. Weiber has been established as reliable exporter of medical laminar air flow in India, catering to the vast markets of South East Asia, Middle East, Africa and Europe.

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