Learn The Details About Outdoor Thermometers

by:Honde     2020-03-25
The word 'thermo' signifies 'warm,' and the word 'meter' refers to measuring; put them together and you have the device that 'measures the warmth (or temperature)' - the thermometer. Thermometers can be broadly categorized into three categories, based on their applications. The one which is used to measure the body temperature of a person is known as a clinical thermometer; and is the most commonly used. A particular kind, i.e. food thermometer, is utilized to cook thick foods, at a certain temperature. Lastly, there are outdoor thermometers that literally measure the outdoor temperature. The outdoor thermometers are very functional instruments. They have been put to a number of uses, all thanks to their effectiveness in measuring the temperature of the surrounding. Needless to say, it becomes your personal 'temperature update'; keeping you in sync with the current temperature. Green houses, swimming pools and walk-in freezers are other places from where their benefit can be accrued. Not only are these thermometers useful, but also provide much convenience in their usage. They are available in a wide range of options, suiting different preferences; in terms of power source, portability, size as well as in their mounting options. Additionally, some types even light up at night, enabling you to read the temperature even in the dark. Their purpose is however not limited to the practical ones; but extends to the decoration aspect as well. The fabulous design options available will certainly add to the element of beauty, to its location; rather than degrading it. There are three main types of outdoor thermometers. First of these is the glass bulb type with mercury enclosed in a glass tube. The mercury expands and rises up, with increasing temperature; and goes down with decreasing temperature. The other kind is a bimetal thermometer, which resembles a dial in appearance. It makes use of two different kinds of metals, coiled together. Its working is based on the difference in expansion and contraction rates of these two metals, in response to the changing temperature. The most accurate of the thermometers, perhaps, is the digital or electronic thermometer. It includes a micro-computer, with a sensor that reads and then digitally displays the temperature. Unquestionably these devices are a great addition to your home. However, to get the best out of them, it is extremely important that they be placed properly and at proper locations. The points to be kept in mind are that they should be kept away from direct sunlight (preferably in a shade); in a well ventilated open area; instead of concrete or asphalt, they should be placed above dirt or grass; and that too about four to six feet over the ground. The maintenance is equally important, to keep it working right; and would involve having it calibrated quarterly; particularly at the turn of the seasons.
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