Laryngeal mask use contraindication

by:Honde     2020-06-19

a laryngeal mask has been widely used in clinical anesthesia itself as a means of respiratory management of laryngeal mask to closed throat inlet can be used for spontaneous breathing or control ventilation in head and neck surgery

compared to mask a laryngeal mask airway is advantageous for the surgical operation compared with endotracheal intubation placed a laryngeal mask does not cause tachycardia and high blood pressure and other emergency response

a laryngeal mask ( 喉罩通气、LMA) In 1981 by a British doctor Brain according to the adult throat anatomical structure of the developed an artificial airway

in 1988 formally put into production and applied to clinical

in 1991 the FDA approved for clinical use of more than 100 million patients with 2003 2014 dosage has been 300 million

a laryngeal mask so good advertising look small make up to the small make up today still sing.

a laryngeal mask airway contraindications are as follows:

1, vomiting reflux aspiration or high risk patients, such as not fasting, full stomach, high internal pressure, obesity, more than 14 weeks pregnant, intestinal obstruction, hiatal hernia.

2, several, or trauma, acute chest trauma

3, throat infection or lung compliance, reduce the patients ( Laryngeal mask is to pharyngeal oppression, and sealing or less) 。

4, must maintain continuous positive airway pressure operation.

5, respiratory tract hemorrhage patients.

6, airway resistance increases, the air pressure should be greater than 25 cmh2o ( ( The highest pressure not more than 15 ~ 20 positive pressure breathing cmh2o. ) ) Patients with chronic respiratory diseases.

7, small mouth, tongue or tonsils abnormal enlargement of patients ( Because this kind of patients with laryngeal mask using the probability of failure is too great, the application of laryngeal mask the total failure rate of 5%) 。

a laryngeal mask is good, but don't abuse oh.

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