Laryngeal mask is what

by:Honde     2020-06-14

a laryngeal mask is the mid - 80 successfully developed and used for clinical purposes, domestic introduced in the 90 s. At present, the use of laryngeal mask has made great progress, application scope is more and more widely.

a laryngeal mask is used in general anesthesia surgery, is the effective means to establish secure the airway.

the first and second generation of laryngeal mask has many advantages: ( 1) Simple to use, can rapidly build artificial airway; ( 2) Place a high success rate, success rate of 87%, untrained staff total success rate of 99. 81%; ( 3) Ventilation and reliable; ( 4) Avoid the throat and tracheal mucous membrane injury; ( 5) Stimulation is small, cardiovascular responses; ( 6) Can be used to first aid. But the traditional one generation of laryngeal mask and airway seal is not completely, oral secretions increase, easy shift, can't effectively isolate the respiratory and digestive tract, can cause bloating, serious when concurrent regurgitation or aspiration, limits its application in the clinical anesthesia. ( 1]

the third generation of laryngeal mask in laryngeal mask in 2000 by the inventor designed and used for clinical Brain. In recent years, with the progress of material and technology, appeared a variety of advanced third generation of laryngeal mask, such as the camel of double tube laryngeal mask, the Splendid Jin Erkang laryngeal mask, etc.

the third generation of laryngeal mask inherited the many advantages of the first generation of laryngeal mask, but also has its own characteristics, mainly has: ( 1) Head of a 90 - degree bend, with the design of the ventilation pipe and drainage pipe, drainage pipe can be inserted into the stomach tube drainage gastric juice, prevent bloating and reflux aspiration; ( 2) Double airbag design, vent hood and throat anatomy more match, sealing is better; ( 3) Laryngeal mask remotely located in his mouth, fixed good, not easy to shift.

clinical studies have shown that the use of the third generation of laryngeal mask in clinical surgery has simple operation, high success rate of catheter, hemodynamic stability, induction period less medicine, and the advantages of less complications, greatly improve the effectiveness and safety, easy popularization and application in the clinical anesthesia. ( 2]

indications: simply put, patients with general anesthesia, emergency department, ICU and the emergency department with the recovery of the patients, difficult airway.

contraindications: ( 1) Tracheal compression and tracheomalacia patients, respiratory tract obstruction may occur after anesthesia;

( 2) Throat diseases, such as the pharyngeal abscess, hematoma, edema and tissue injury patients ( 3) Chest surgery patients ( 4) COPD + positive pressure ventilation; ( 5) Neurosurgery for a long time.

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