Laryngeal mask in the application of the intracranial angioplasty, and carotid stenting

by:Honde     2020-06-16

is a laryngeal mask airway and endotracheal intubation compound propofol, fentanyl by intravenous anesthesia in the application of intracranial artery stenosis stent angioplasty. Methods a randomized, double-blind, controlled design, 40 patients with line by DSA intracranial artery stenosis were divided into groups of laryngeal mask ( Group A) Endotracheal intubation and the control group ( Group B) 20 cases each.

30 min before giving long ning 1 mg, phenobarbital 0. 1 g intramuscular injection, intraoperative trace injection pump with constant speed pump into the propofol and fentanyl maintain anesthesia. Record before anesthesia induction, insert a laryngeal mask or before and after insert the endotracheal tube, femoral artery puncture catheter, and awake after stent implantation, removing laryngeal mask or the endotracheal tube, mean arterial pressure ( 地图) And heart rate ( HR) The change of the situation, to observe whether there is a finish operation patients agitation, the incidence of postoperative sore throat and other related complications.

results patients in group A narcotic induction and maintenance, as well as postoperative hemodynamic stability, anesthesia complications related to low. Conclusion laryngeal mask airway, simple operation, placing a high success rate, reliable ventilation, intraoperative hemodynamic stability, anesthesia complications incidence is low, as long as mastering the use of indications, endotracheal intubation ventilation has obvious advantages, thereby increasing the operation control and safety.

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