Laryngeal mask guided tracheal intubation

by:Honde     2020-06-15

in the Fastrach intubation laryngeal mask and Cookgas intubation guide laryngeal mask blind agent endotracheal intubation, the operator fixed laryngeal mask with his left hand, right hand will have prepared the endotracheal tube slowly through the ventilation ducts, if you encounter resistance, can be through the adoption of the vertical lift laryngeal mask shorten cover mouth and spacing of the glottis, can also be located laryngeal press methods, in order to reduce the height of the glottis, but note that the throat of the excessive pressure will increase blind intubation difficulty, when it is necessary to reduce laryngeal oppression.

push conduit resistance also may be because the catheter front touch reflexed epiglottis, at this time can use partial retreat to the ( —— 向下) Correct epiglottis reflex.

after completion of endotracheal intubation, connecting the anesthesia machinist control breath, according to the ventilation index ( Thoracic ups and downs, airway resistance and breathing waveform) Confirm that the catheter within the trachea. If strayed into the esophagus, exit catheter, again looking for laryngeal mask ventilation best position, try again or change the laryngeal mask intubation model.

it is important to note that blind intubation operation, must stress that gentle, avoid violent push, to prevent the unnecessary injury and accident. In addition, the blind during intubation, maintain enough anesthesia depth is also very important, the reasonable application of muscle relaxant can significantly reduce the blind intubation difficulty.

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