Laryngeal mask contraindications and advantages

by:Honde     2020-06-08

a laryngeal mask contraindications:

1. Satiety, intra-abdominal pressure is too high, there is vomiting, regurgitation aspiration high risk patients.

2。 Has a history of recurrent vomiting, regurgitation of the patient.

3。 Throat infection or other pathological changes of the patients.

4。 The operation of continuous positive airway pressure must be maintained.

5。 The patients of respiratory tract bleeding.

6。 Air pressure should be greater than 25 cmh2o chronic respiratory disease patients.

7。 Small mouth, tongue or tonsils abnormal enlargement of the patient.

a laryngeal mask advantage:

1. Laryngeal mask can be used high pressure steam sterilization, and can be used repeatedly.

2。 The operation is simple, easy, as long as patients have no trouble with open mouth, can put a laryngeal mask, and easily fixed to emerge.

3。 No laryngoscope insert, reveal the glottis, catheter inserted through the glottis, such as mechanical stimulation, not easy to appear laryngeal edema, vocal cord injury, complications such as laryngeal recurrent nerve paralysis.

4。 In stimulating light, less discharge, do not affect the trachea cilia activity, conducive to row of phlegm, can maintain airway self-cleaning effect; Postoperative cough, atelectasis, pulmonary complications such as pneumonia.

5。 Small airway resistance is small, breath work, well is not easy to fatigue.

6。 The required than endotracheal intubation anesthesia depth is shallow, dosage of anesthetic to reduce.

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