Laryngeal mask contraindications

by:Honde     2020-06-11

1。 Operation time is long, Relative contraindication) 。

2。 Aspiration: including full stomach, gastric bowel obstruction, delayed gastric emptying and frequent gastroesophageal reflux.

3。 Ventilation may produce high airway pressure, obesity, reduced lung compliance, airway resistance is high, the medium above patients underwent gasless laparoscopic shape.

4。 Affect a laryngeal mask airway lesions placement or placement may increase lesions, including small mouth degrees, jaws deformity, oropharyngeal lesions and cervical spine deformity and laryngeal pharynx ministry after radiotherapy.

5。 Impact or surgical operation field operation function of laryngeal mask.

6。 Recently many patients sputum volume.

7。 Special position: do not recommend the use of laryngeal mask in the prone position surgery, lie on your back head low should not use normal laryngeal mask and should be a double tube laryngeal mask.

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