Laryngeal mask airway difficult typical problems

by:Honde     2020-06-08

1。 Laryngeal mask in the process of mechanical ventilation, airway resistance more than 30 mmh2o, no patients with thoracic ups and downs, blood oxygen down

anesthesia depth enough? — — When the swallowing reflex is not restrain, epiglottis will stop the gas from laryngeal mask into trachea

the degree of muscle relaxant enough? — — Metabolism of muscle relaxant, completely closed glottis, gases from laryngeal mask into the trachea

2. Placing a laryngeal mask after mechanical ventilation, hear clearly a flat

laryngeal mask model selection, right? The adjustment of laryngeal mask set of gas inside the capsule? Patients' position has changed?

laryngeal mask placement upward, the chin? - - - - - - - - - - - - Patients placement, didn't have a haircut steps or have a haircut does not reach the designated position, easy to put into, partially or completely stop the laryngeal mask the outlet, causing increased ventilation resistance and laryngeal mask a flat.

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