Indications of endotracheal intubation

by:Honde     2020-06-23

indications of emergency tracheal intubation: (1) in patients with spontaneous breathing suddenly stop; (2) can't meet the needs of the body of the ventilation and oxygen supply for requiring mechanical ventilation; (3) remove the upper respiratory tract secretion, can still be wrong gastric contents regurgitation or bleeding absorption; (4) there are upper respiratory tract injury, stenosis, occlusion and tracheoesophageal fistula affects normal ventilation; (5) acute respiratory failure; 6 around central or respiratory failure. Contraindications to endotracheal intubation.

there is no absolute contraindications.

but have laryngeal acute inflammation, the cannula can spread the inflammation, it should be careful.

laryngeal severe edema, should not be menstruation artificial airway, laryngeal serious coagulation dysfunction, should be corrected for blood coagulation function.

huge aneurysms, especially in the aortic arch parts of the aneurysm, intubation may make the aneurysm rupture, should be carefully, for intubation, is gentle, skilled operation, patients want to quiet, to avoid coughing and agitation.

if you have nasal polyps and nasal pharynx ministry hemangioma, unfavorable through nasal endotracheal intubation.


( 1) Gentle, so as not to damage the teeth.

stay when opening the glottis to insert the catheter, avoid catheter with glottis top, in order to protect the glottis, the back of the mucous membrane, reducing the occurrence of the laryngeal edema.

( 2) To prevent the teeth from falling out aspiration

should look for denture patients preoperatively and were loose teeth, remove it or remove, in order to avoid damage or accidentally when intubation to its fall off, slide into the airway, asphyxiation and life threatening.

( 3) Prevent the airbag slippage.

if the airbag on the catheter, generally do not slip.

but if the catheter is separated from airbags, should choose to match the catheter balloon, strapping on the catheter with a thread of silk, to prevent the slippage in the airway, causing serious consequences.

( 4) Check the location of the catheter.

after general after endotracheal intubation or mechanical ventilation should be regular line bedside X-ray, to locate the catheter.

( 5) To prevent accidental intubation

endotracheal intubation, especially when lifting epiglottis, due to the vagus nerve reflex, may cause the patient's respiration, cardiac arrest, especially in critical condition, or the original serious anoxia, cardiac insufficiency patients are more likely to happen.

so should be to the patients' families before intubation clear, understanding and cooperation.

intubation should be sufficient oxygen, monitoring, and have good performances and device.

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