Indications of endotracheal intubation

by:Honde     2020-06-01

the endotracheal intubation technique refers to the special of the endotracheal tube, by oral or nasal insertion patients within the trachea. Is a kind of endotracheal anesthesia and save the patient's technology, is also the most reliable means of the upper respiratory tract unobstructed. Tracheal or bronchial intubation anesthesia a security measures. Endotracheal intubation indications: 1 during general anesthesia, respiratory tract is difficult to guarantee smooth as intracranial surgery, open chest surgery, prone position or sitting position and other special position of general surgery; Such as neck tumor compression trachea, jaw, face, neck and facial features such as large general anesthesia surgery, obese patients; General anesthetics have obvious inhibition on breathing or application and muscle relaxants; Should all line endotracheal intubation.

2 endotracheal intubation in critically ill patients has played an important role in the rescue. The need for mechanical ventilation of respiratory failure, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), drug poisoning and neonatal severe asphyxia, line must be endotracheal intubation.

3 specific anesthesia, such as with cooling technique, step-down and intravenous procaine compound anesthesia operation, etc.

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