How to do a laryngeal mask anesthesia

by:Honde     2020-06-06

( A) Adapt to various kinds of laryngeal mask anesthesia card

according to patients condition, operation types and the characteristics of various laryngeal mask to select suitable laryngeal mask.

( 2) Master the laryngeal mask anesthesia contraindicated

such as a full stomach, obesity, lungs, and thoracic patients with poor compliance, phlegm; Compared with endotracheal intubation, the shortage of the laryngeal mask is not using normal sputum suction tube through a laryngeal mask attract endotracheal secretions.

( 3) Laryngeal mask anesthesia note

1. Small tidal volume 6 ~ 8 ml/kg, breathing rate 10 ~ 14 times/min; 2. Cover pouch pressure < 60 cm H2O; 3. If use silicone rubber cover capsule laryngeal mask, cover N2O may through silicone rubber into the pouch, the pressure inside the capsule can increase the cover, need to monitor cover capsule inner pressure, avoid cover pouch pressure > 60 cm H2O; 4. Such as using the double tube laryngeal mask, it is suggested that conventional drainage tube into the stomach through the esophagus tube, first take the initiative to suction, open after gastric tube, without negative pressure aspirator continues to attract the tube; 5. Laryngeal mask in the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) principle is flabby, according to the needs of the operation to decide whether to give nondepolarizing agent, if you don't give nondepolarizing agent, did general anesthesia can retain the spontaneous breathing; 6. Be gentle in laryngeal mask, avoid violence caused by airway damage; 7. Need a good sleep in anaesthesia, analgesia, and muscle relaxant, avoid anesthesia shallow; 8. End of the operation, adults can pull out a laryngeal mask after waking, children can be in deep anesthesia, right side to draw a laryngeal mask.

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