How to Choose a Stethoscope If You Are a Nursing Student

by:Honde     2020-04-27
The first thing you need to ask yourself is what you are going to be using your stethoscope for. There are so many stethoscopes out there on the market and at first glance it can be pretty confusing as to what kind of stethoscope is best to purchase. If you're a student going for nursing purchasing an expensive stethoscope will not hurt you in any way, except your pocket, but it's not necessary spending big bucks on a stethoscope at this point. Most nursing students are learning the basics about what goes on in nursing, and using a stethoscope is indeed an important tool, but a basic $20 dollar stethoscope can do the job that is being required in this case. You've probably seen your instructor with a stethoscope and asked her/him what brand and kind of stethoscope they have. Well, it's not absolutely necessary to get that $150 dollar stethoscope at this point because you're not going into a specialty like cardiology where auscultation is an absolute necessity. For most nursing students, stethoscopes are used for taking blood pressure and hearing the heart and lungs. Cardiologists on the other hand have to hear heart sounds no a totally different level than a nursing student does. Therefore, a nursing student would be wise in purchasing a basic stethoscope to start off with. A cheap stethoscope will give the student a basic understanding of what the stethoscope does and he/she can gradually move up on stethoscope quality as their careers progress or when they get their first paycheck on the job as many nurses do. Apart from the fact that you have to consider pricing it is also wise to acknowledge material. For example, there are some stethoscopes that are latex-free and this is good not only for sensitive nurses but especially for sensitive patients who are allergic to latex. When getting out of nursing school it's best to aim for a latex-free stethoscope in an extra effort to bring outstanding service to your patients and assure comfort. Getting a single diaphragm is also less complex than using a double bell in the beginning; again aim for taking the purchase of a stethoscope in baby steps rather than going all out to have a thorough understanding of how this diagnostic tool works. So to sum up what we've covered here understand that there are many brands out there and yes there are some more popular than others but don't be afraid to experiment. Research is always a good idea but the word of mouth of your fellow students is also reliable. Purchasing a cheap stethoscope ranging from $20 to $40 is not a bad idea. Nurses will tell you that these stethoscopes will get the job done in the beginning. As you go further down your career or as you enter into some kind of specialty like cardiology or the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), you will want to definitely upgrade. At that point if you fail to upgrade you could become an unreliable nurse for failing to detect abnormalities, so make absolute sure that this article does not stray you away from going big at the appropriate time. However, for the sake of nursing students, it is not necessary to make big stethoscopes purchases in the beginning.
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