How about the production process for body temperature thermometer?
Although there are many types of body temperature thermometer, the production process for the most common one - classic household variety is described below. The thermometer manufacturer starts with glass blanks with deep holes in the middle. The bulb reservoir is created by heating one end of the glass tube and pinching it closed. The bottom of the bulb is sealed and there is an open tube at the top. Next, place the open end down into a vacuum chamber, evacuate the air from the glass tube, and introduce hydrocarbon fluid into the vacuum until it penetrates the tube by about 1 inch. Due to environmental concerns, modern thermometers use less mercury and more often use spirited hydrocarbon fluids. The design complies with the predefined standards established by the National Institute of Standards and Technology and standard manufacturing practices. Custom thermometers can be as varied as the people who use them, such as the weight and length, the type of liquid filled into the glass, the grading frequency placed on the glass tube or the casing, and even the color of the gradient mark. The use of electronic components in thermometers has grown. Many of today's widely used thermometers contain digital readings and sample program loops to feed current temperature back to a light-emitting diode (LED) or liquid crystal display (LCD) panel. For all available electronic magic, the thermometer must still contain a hot and cold-sensitive component to cope with environmental changes.

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