Homemade Sugarless Candy Recipes

by:Honde     2020-03-26
Candy making can be a very interesting, innovative and fun filled task to perform. If you are an experienced cook and have been trying a lot of recipes in your kitchen or you are just new in the world of cooking, you are in need of paying attention to some really important tips and techniques, when you are going to make candies at home. Sugarless candies are also becoming too popular. People who have diabetes, they cannot eat sugar and those who are on diet, even they say no to sugar. For all such people, sugar free candies are the right options. Eating a candy is something, which everybody likes to do. Kids eat their favorite candies in order to do snacking all through the day. It is the same case with some of those adults, who have sweet tooth. If you cannot eat sweet candies because of any of the reasons, then there is nothing to feel that you would not be able to eat a candy ever in your life. Candies free of sugar can do nothing wrong to your health and figure. You can get your hands on these candies without worrying at all. Here you will learn to make sugar free candies. Read the instructions given in the following points carefully and learn how to make candies free of sugar. You need to have 1 A� cup sugar free syrup, 1 cup of Maltitol, 1/4 tsp candy flavor oil, food color, saucepan, candy thermometer, plastic wrappers of different colors and candy molds. Mix the sugar syrup and malttitol in a small sized saucepan and heat it on medium flame. Put the candy thermometer in the pan and bring the temperature of this mixture till 300 degree Fahrenheit. Keep one thing in your mind that the thermometer should not touch the bottom of your sauce pan. Once the mixture of sugarless candy is heated till the required temperature, you are supposed to take the pan off the flame. Now add few drops of flavor and color of your choice in the mixture and mix it well. Make sure that you add both these ingredients right after the syrup stops to boil. Pour this mixture in candy molds. Put the moulds in your refrigerator and keep it there for at least 2 hours. Take out the candies from the refrigerator and wrap each one of them in colorful wrappers. In order to make sure that the sugar free candy pieces, which you have made stays fresh for longer; put them in an airtight jar. This recipe shows that it is not difficult to make candies without sugar.
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